Updates on 26th Street from Laura Flamm, HCA at-large board member

Lights are on their way for the 300 E block of 26th Street, where five homes don’t have a light on the front. This is funded through our current Spruce Up Grant.

We’re submitting an application for another Spruce Up Grant in collaboration with the newly-formed Friends of Margaret Brent (incubated by Live Baltimore). The grant would allow us to make the street crossings to/from Margaret Brent Elementary School safer with plastic flex posts and crosswalk art. The grant would also let us work with Tree Baltimore to expand the tree wells in the 200 E block of 26th Street and add greenery. Cross your fingers – we’ll find out in May if we got it.

We have some extra money for crosswalk art and a bench. The same artist that we’ve identified to do the crosswalk art also has experience making spaces playful.  We have enough extra money from the current Spruce Up Grant for him to do sidewalk art like the pictures below along the train tracks (south side) between Calvert and Guilford (200 E block).  We still need to get formal approval from Central Baltimore Partnership to use the money for this, but once we have the green light, we’ll need volunteers to help with the install.  We also have funds to install a small bench on Guilford for kids to watch the train go by.

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